Re: Are those Bugs??

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Posted by tony ( on April 23, 2003 at 11:37:09:

In Reply to: Are those Bugs?? posted by alexandre on April 22, 2003 at 10:47:17:

Hi Alex,
Your first problem:
>data$ is never set to anything and is always a empty String
>Is this a Bug or is this supposed to be like that???

This is deliberate. It wasn't explicitly designed to act this way, but it is a logical consequence of Basic string semantics. data$(i) expands to Mid$(data$,i,1), which is a fixed-length string, usually of length 1. But in this case, its length is 0, because data$ is empty. And if you assign anything to a fixed-length string, its length is unchanged.
Not ideal, perhaps. But it would be a *lot* of work to change this, so please try and live with it ;-|

Your second problem:
>This doesn't work as it should

It works for me! Can you generate a listing file and e-mail it to me at the above address? And let me know the version number of your ZCMBASIC compiler. (The compiler displays its version number on the command line when it runs.)

Tony Guilfoyle
BasicCard development

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