Communicating Com Port-RS232

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Posted by gauthier ( on April 23, 2003 at 09:42:25:

Hello, one more question, sorry...

I created the following program which has for purpose to read a value (PinCode) in Eeprom in the card... but I would like it to do the following: if the PinCode that is read is correct then it changes the state of the RTS line to 1 on my COM2 port, like to light a LED or something simple like that.

I know that in GWBasic, all you have to do is to write "Out Address_of_the_port + 4, 2". (eg: OUT 764, 2). Is there a similar command in ZC Basic for activating a RS232 interface? Thank you.

If there is no such instruction available, is it possible to start a program (in GWbasic, Java, C) from a ZCBasic program (eg: if Picode=xxxx then start xyz.exe).

Thank you very much for all your help!


Here is my terminal program:


Option Explicit

Call WaitForCard()

ResetCard : Call CheckSW1SW2()

Declare Command &H20 &H01 AffichePincode(Result%)

Declare Command &H80 &H10 AfficheNomutil(Name$)

Public Result%

Public Name$

Call AffichePincode(Result%)

Call AfficheNomutil(Name$)

Print "Le PIN est: "; Result%

Print "Utilisateur: "; Name$

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