DES Ecnryption - Debit Example

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Posted by pedron ( on October 06, 2016 at 05:48:18:

Hello, i'm having trouble understanding how the Encryption works for Basic Cards. In the Debit example we have this line of code:

Call AutoEncryption (0, "\Key0") : Call CheckSW1SW2()
Call PersonaliseCard (Amount&, PIN$, Name$) : Call CheckSW1SW2()

It seems that the data we get from the user goes directly to the EEPROM, there is no direct encryption to it, i thought the objetive of encryption was to save the user input into the EEPROM, but encrypted.

The AutoEncryption from what i read in the documentes, only initialize the Encryption, it doesn't encrypt any data, if so, what it encrypts ? the Key ?

In the card code you just check the current active key, but if i'm just comparing 2 values that i alredy know of, how is that any different from comparing normal values like 2 strings variables.

Sorry, i'm really confused.

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