RSA 4096 Timeout

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Posted by gonzalor ( on July 04, 2012 at 10:40:53:

Hey. I have a problem to generate RSA keys of 4096 bits. In the simulator works by nullbyte returns the card ($ 60) and indicates that the card needs more time to respond, but when I try it on a real card does not work. I use #pragma ATR(Direct, T = 0, HB = "Testcard 1.0" WI = 255) but still not working. I also tested with WTX 100 in the routine but I get the same result, the error PC / SC 8010002F.
The card is ZC 7.5 Rev. A
It gives me error as it is not received anything.

As I can tell the reader to wait longer?

Thank you.

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