How does one reset BasicCard using Java.

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Posted by ngonidan ( on January 19, 2012 at 06:31:16:

How does one reset BasicCard using Java. Sample code please would be appreciated.
What happens at times is the card hangs, and according to documentation it needs to be reset. Have tried following links to ISO standard etc below:

"for reseting the BasicCard you must apply a sequence of operations to the hardware (PINs) of the BasicCard. This is described in detail in international standard for smart cards ISO7816-3. These standard is available at

Since ISO standards are not available for free an alternative source of smart standard is EMV which is not 100% identical to ISO7816 but close enough for most parts. You can find EMV at
Here you may take a look at Specifications, EMV 3.1.1, "EMV '96 Integrated Circuit Card Specification for Payment Systems". For Reset take a look at Chapter 2.1.3 ICC Reset"

I just can't find the Code to reset a card. It is risky to have a product that cannot recover on hanging.

Thanks in advance


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