Open Source HOTP implementation with BasicCard

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Posted by markf ( on December 28, 2009 at 12:48:14:

OpenOTP is an implementation of the HOTP protocol using a ZeitControl
Cardsystems ZC3.9 BasicCard and standalone balance reader, standalone Spyrus
PAR2 (Personal Access Reader), or PCSC-Lite supported Smart Card reader.

Included is a C library implementation of the HOTP protocol and
associated user database management, HOTP PAM library, OpenVPN plug-in module,
micro RADIUS server with HOTP support, and utilties for managing the Smart
Card, Spyrus reader, and host side HOTP user database. The PCSC-Lite
API provides reader support for Smart Card management under FreeBSD and Linux.

The card management, firmware loaders, C API, and authentication methods
have been developed & tested for FreeBSD and Linux.

The PARII HOTP firmware is provided as a pre-compiled binary with source
for the HOTP implementation. The Spyrus development toolkit and
Hi-Tech/Microchip C compiler are required for modification. Run-time
customization of strings is supported via an EEProm loader without need
for the development toolkit & PIC16 compiler. A Unix tool is included for
downloading firmware to the reader with a Spyrus downloader cable.

Source and Binary for the BasicCard firmware is supplied. Modification
requires the Windows BasicCard development software available as
a free download from ZeitControl. A Unix version of bcload implemented
with the PCSC-Lite interface is included.


otp-control - OTP database manager
otp-pam - OTP PAM module
otp-sca - Smart Card Admin Utility
otp-sct - Smart Card Terminal
otp-openvpn - OpenVPN OTP plug-in
urd - Micro RADIUS server with HOTP integration
htsoft-downloader - PIC bootloader downloader utility for Spyrus firmware
bcload - BasicCard firmware loader
basiccard - BasicCard (Smart Card) firmware & source code
spyrus-par2 - Spyrus PAR2 firmware & source code
common - otplib API and other common code
doc - Documentation & Man pages in Unix and HTML format.
scripts - shell scripts to setup list of users with HOTP
Unix and SC databases.

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