File I/O: Writing and Reading to BasicCard

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Posted by rockys ( on November 09, 2007 at 14:45:51:

Hi all,

I'm having major problems with File I/O issues for the BasicCard. What I'm attempting is to store some customer records in a text file within the Enhanced BasicCard (V3.7 and V3.9). This text file should be readable and we can always append new customer records (stored as strings) to this textfile.

My application works great when used with the Virtual Card Reader. However, I'm not able to do any file operation at all on the card (ie. opening @:\records.txt or appending to @:\records.txt) as it always returns me a FileError value of 14 (feAccessDenied).

What could be the possible problem here? I'm suspecting something to do with the need to change access permissions or unlock directories, though I'm not experienced enough to pinpoint the reason.

Hope to receive some advice here.


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