Deleting from a File

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Posted by Alexanderu ( on May 28, 2007 at 10:12:02:


we are a group of students currently developing a small application for the Basiccard. (the one with 8k EEprom)

Now we encountered a small Problem. We want to delete some bytes from the end of an file. We know from where we want to delte. (eg from byte postion 50 to the end) Now the problem is, how to do this.

One option is, we copy the file to the postion into an temp file, delete the old file and rename the new file to the old file. This seems rather complicated. Also in the end the eeprom will be nearly full (about all 8k Bytes used) so we will not be able to copy a file.

Are there any other options to delete from a file? In the Programming Guide of the Basiccard we found nothing.

Best Regards, Alexander

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