Collecting IDs_Flash/Director and the BasicCard? (urgent)

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Posted by romyk ( on January 05, 2007 at 13:03:25:

Hi there,
I am an information designer so my questions might seem to you a bit featherbrained...
Here they are:

I want to create a museum system (only a prototype)which allows a user "to collect" IDs. The user has one basiccard and every time he puts his card into one of the (let's say 30) readers a particular number/ID is saved on his card.
Every ID stands for particular information (about a particular piece of art).
Finally he has the chance to put his card into a terminal (also a card reader). At this he can use a GUI to create a DVD/CD with the information he has "collected" before.

1. Is it possible to develop that system?

2. Might there be a problem?

3. Is it possible to start a program made in flash or director out of a basiccard-program? (I want to create the GUI in flash or director.)

4. Would I need more than one computer for the system or is it possible to connect 30 cardreaders to one machine?
If so every card reader needs to have an ID because each reader stands for a particular piece.
(Is that right/possible?)

5. Does anybody have an idea how to program it as simple as possible? (There is no need for security.
Only the idea behind it is important.)

6. Is it true that I need a programm for the cardreaders and one for the basiccard?

7. Which basiccard would be best for that system?

If someone would help me in programming that system I would be more than grateful. Depending on the effort I would do some design work for that person in return...or I could pay some money.



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