EC161 on Terminal App using ZC API Library.

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Posted by vutaviva ( on June 27, 2006 at 13:58:55:

I have a problem with the API Library. After reading throughout the API manual (ZCBCI.pdf, ZCCRYPT.pdf), I can't find any ways to do these operation :
- For example, I have a BasicCard (3.9) with public & private key inside (using GenerateKeyPair function).
- I export my public key to the Terminal, and then, someone (AAA) takes that public key.
- AAA encrypt a file using AES with a key X, then he encrypts that key X with my public key.
- So, to use the file (encrypted with AES), I input my BasicCard, and pass the key X (encrypted with my public key) to it. Inside the BasicCard, a function uses my private key to decrypt the key X and return the result to Terminal, Terminal will use the key X (has just decrypted) to decrypt the file.

How can I do the above operations (with API Library)? Please help me soon, thank you.

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