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Posted by arvidr ( on May 04, 2006 at 15:31:22:

I must say I am a newbie to BasicCard as I have only programmed one test program so far. But as I am planning a bigger project for my Karate school I am looking into applicabilities for the Balance Reader. I have read the documentation for the BR but it seems to lack information on what kind of interface it has for downloading the program or in what way you can control its actions. I need to find out if I can solve my scenario using the BR or if I need some other mobile device:

I want to be able to tell the BR to send XX.XX.XXXX date and "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" string to a funcion on the card when it is inserted. Is this even possible?

Reason is that I want to use the BR to register when my members participate in different events, and have that info stored on the card until they get back my school and register there next time. Then that info will be read from the card and saved in the database.

Is it an easy way to update the BR with a new date and string to transfer to the card?

-- Newbie with big plans ;)

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