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Posted by zeitcontrol ( on August 09, 2005 at 05:49:47:

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For Compact, Enhanced and Professional (Single-Application BasicCards) you can (and should) set the card state to RUN, before you issue a card to your customer. This means that all dangerous predefined commands are permanently disabled. This includes commands like CLEAR EEPROM, READ EEPROM and WRITE EEPROM.

Attention: This does also mean, that you cannot reload the card anymore. Or in other words you cannot download (bcload) another program to the card. So do not put a card into RUN state while in development phase. The RUN state is not reversible.

See BasicCard manual chapter 8.7.2 "Pre-Defined Commands a Summary" for details.

For MultiApplication BasicCard things are more powerful and more complicated. In short you can define rules by use of ACRs (Access Control Rules) which give to you the power to define very detailed which conditions must be met, before a certain access is possible. Still the states as described above exists in MultiApplication BasicCard too. So before issuing your card, but after setting the general access rules for your card, you should set the card into RUN state. Then it is not possible to use CLEAR EEPROM, WRITE EEPROM, etc. to completely reset and reload the card, while it is still possible to add components and applications, as long as the required access rules are fulfilled.

Michael Petig
ZeitControl cardsystems GmbH

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