RAM capacity has been exceeded

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Posted by rui ( on October 15, 2004 at 06:58:30:

I'm developing some software with the enhanced BasicCard ZC3.9 -> 8KBytes Eeprom for school.
I'm having trouble compiling my card. Everything is working smoothly except in this code segment that is located in the card's start up code (Type Contact is on a diferent .def file).
The "Put" line is giving me a hard time. When not commented the compile fails with an error "RAM capacity has been exceeded by 7 bytes". With this line commented the compile succeed's using only 20% of Eeprom capacity.
Can anyone help me with this problem? I've tryed to change the put itself with different(smaller) data types, but it never seems to work.
Thanks for your help.

Type Contact
IDEmpresa As Long
Nome As String*30
Telefone As String*16
Email As String*30
End Type

Eeprom ShadowCtrlLstContact As Long
Eeprom ShadowContact as Contact

Private filename$
Private filenum%=10
Open filename$ for binary as #filenum%
ShadowCtrlSendContact = &H01
put #filenum%, CtrlLstContact,ShadowContact
ShadowCtrlSendContact = &H02
close #filenum%

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