Development Software V5.07 problem

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Posted by webster ( on September 02, 2004 at 16:10:45:

Dear ZeitControl,

I have encounter a problem on my V5.07 Development software. When I download the compiled rom file to card, an error message box displayed: Communication error &H66C3 (swDesCheckError)

I think the new development software may have problem because I can download the same rom file to card on my V4.52.1.1 Development software.

The another problem found on API/OCX V4.36. When I want to use "Start Encryption" command in Visual Basic, the API only support 128bits AES encryption: BasicCard.StartEncryption(&H31, nr, RANDOM)
An error will occurs when I use 192 and 256 bits encryption such as:
BasicCard.StartEncryption(&H32, nr, RANDOM)
or BasicCard.StartEncryption(&H33, nr, RANDOM)

My testing environment:
BasicCard v5.5 rev B
EZ-100PU USB PC/SC card reader (
Windows XP

Webster, IP

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