Problem writing files from terminal

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Posted by mpramateftakis ( on August 26, 2004 at 06:40:20:

Hello all,

I have a terminal program that creates some RSA keys and places them into files for other programs to read.
I open the file with
open "filename" for binary as #1
and use e.g.
put #1,,p$
to place the data in the file (p$ is declared e.g. as string*64).
This works fine the first and second time a file is created. The program opens (creates) a new file a third time with the exact same command, writes data with the exact same commands, but the file ends up longer than I expect (should be 388 bytes, is 448) and it "looks" different compared to the others when opened in notepad, meaning that it looks as if was not created as a binary file.
What can be wrong? Has anyone experienced similar trouble?


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