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Posted by karl ( on February 24, 2004 at 12:17:27:


I'm looking for a little guidance please.

I have written a small Basic Card program and it is working well in the debugger terminal. It also works well when I download it to a real card and communicate with the card with the terminal debugger.

What I am wanting to do.

I have constructed a device that has a microcontroller in it. I want to use the microcontroller to communicate with the basic card, no pc connected.

I need to send a reset command to the card and I have looked and looked thru the users guide that came with my developers kit and I can not find the command to send to the card to reset it. In the Terminal I just use ResetCard : Call CheckSW1SW2() What is the actual command codes/string sent to the basic card to get it to reset?
I tried looking in the IO window. It does not show anything sent to the card, just the ATR return.



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