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Posted by zeitcontrol ( on February 03, 2004 at 06:28:59:

In Reply to: Some technical question posted by torkel on January 22, 2004 at 14:37:06:

1.) The encryption algorithms are disabled as long as the programm disabling them is active. If the card is in state TEST you can switch the card state back to LOAD. Once card is in state LOAD the programm is not active anymore, such the encryption algoritms are available again.

2.) Each byte in address range specified with CLEAR EEPROM command should be FFh once the command executed successfuly. You should try with loading tool and card reader from BasicCard
development software/kit to check if it is a fault in your hard/software or within card.

3.) There are 2 bytes (16bit) used for address and length within CLEAR EEPROM command. As long as you do not exceed this, you should have no trouble with overflows. But using too large length within CLEAR EEPROM may cause the card to timeout, such it is recommended to clear eeprom in smaller chunks.

4.) The first bytes typically contains EEPSYS (EEPROM system) region. I cannot give information about this, since these are none public internals.

5.) This should not be the case, please check with \basiccardpro\tools\cardinfo.exe

6.) Sorry, this is not possible.

Michael Petig
ZeitControl cardsystems GmbH

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