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Posted by torkel ( on January 22, 2004 at 14:37:06:


I have a few technical questions about the Proffessional Basiccard 4.5d rev_b.

1. If I use these commands in a basiccard program:
Disable Encryption &H23 'Single DES with CRC-32
Disable Encryption &H24 'Triple DES with CRC-32

The manual says:
This command is executed when the program is compiled, and it lasts for the lifetime of the card.
Algorithms canít be enabled or disabled at run-time.

Does that mean that des and 3des not could be use anymore, even if the card is in TEST state?
In that case it would be impossible to reprogram the card since the downlod image commands uses des or 3des or am I wrong?

2. I erase a card with clear eeprom command in &h2000 steps and &h1800 bytes in the last step and get correct answer (9000) in all steps, then I read the eeprom and got a few bytes that not are cleared (ff), this result in bad checksum when i try to reprogram it, is that card broken or is it something i could do with it?

3. I read somewhere that some sort of memory overflow could cause the problem in question #2, is that true? and in that case what could i do to prevent this overflow?

4. I noticed that when loading a image to the card it start writing at address &h2140, what is the first 320 bytes between &h2000 and &h213f used for?

5. I have a card in TEST state that answer 6700 if running the get state command to the card:
C0 00 00 00 00
C0 00 00 00 0D

Other pre-defined command works.
What could be wrong with this card?

6. I want to use #Option Allow9XXX, Is it possible to upgrade a 4.5d rev_b to 4.5 rev_d or must i buy new cards?


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