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Posted by zeitcontrol ( on December 05, 2003 at 06:51:26:

In Reply to: ONE TIME PASS posted by eric on November 20, 2003 at 06:57:03:

1. ZeitControl only offer support for the development tools and offer help
for programming the BasicCard . We currently do not have possiblilities to
offer support for the application itself. Maybe some freelancer from the
forum might help you. For a list of third party applications (and also application
help) please check

2. From the technical point of view it is possible to combine serveral technologies
in one card. It is possible to join (in a way of hybrid card with seperated parts)
transponder / chipcard(memory/smart card) / magnetic stripe on one card. Also we
do have different printing options or embossed fields. You should contact our
sale for a detailed offer.

3. This is an technical forum so it does not make sense to answer sales question,
For prices (and all other topics belonging sales) please contact either
sales _at_ or sales _at_

4. ZeitControl (originator of the BasicCard) is located in Germany. For technical
questions we prefer either the forum or support by email. For email you can contact
support _at_ or development _at_

5. There are no extra licenses fees for using encryptions with the BasicCard except
using the IDEA library. For a comercial application you need a license from Ascom.
Please check chapter 6.5 (BasicCard Manual) for information about IDEA.

Juergen Mengeling
ZeitControl cardsystems

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