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Posted by xavier ( on July 02, 2003 at 10:34:14:

When i call the function RsaGenerateKey with 1024 bits it works, but it doesn't when the parameter is set to 512 bits.

Can you tell me where is my mistake?

Public expopublic$ as string*4 = &H9E, &H29, &H39, &HDF

Public n1$ As String*128
Public p1$ As String*64
Public q1$ As String*64

Public n3$ As String*64
Public p3$ As String*32
Public q3$ As String*32

Call RsaGenerateKey (1024, 32, p1$, q1$, expopublic$)

Call RsaGenerateKey (512, 32, p3$, q3$, expopublic$)

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