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USA magazine ' Circuit Cellar ', Issue March 2004 + April 2004

1) BasicCard 101 (Part 1): Program Your First Smartcard
As opposed to credit cards, which have magnetic strips that store data, smartcards contain microcontrollers that store data and run programs. In this series of articles, Brian introduces you to smartcard technology and explains how you can program your own card using the BASIC programming language.
You will find the article here or as pdf.

2) BasicCard 101 (Part 2): Use in a Liquid Nitrogen Monitor
Now that you’re familiar with ZeitControl’s BasicCard, it’s time to take a closer look at the process of programming one and incorporating it in a design. Brian shows you how he integrated BasicCard technology in the design of a liquid nitrogen generator.

You will find the article
here or as pdf.


Articles from the USA magazine ' Card Technology ', Issue August 2002

1) Battering down a Barrier to Entry
Articel about the newest development for operating systems for smart cards. Read what card manufactures or customers says about JavaCard, MultOS and the BasicCard.

2) Security is Not Childīs Play
How to put a PKI system on a BasicCard. Read about how the company TradeCard uses smart cards and PKI to secure global trade.


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