POS - Point of Sales Terminal for smart cards   
BasicCard POS - the first POS, what you can program in BASIC

BasicCard POS











To reduce development time for a POS (Point of Sales) application ZeitControl cardsystems has developed a POS terminal that can be programmed in BASIC. This is especially interesting for developer who need a POS solution for their BasicCard application. With the help of BasicCard it is possible to write a smartcard application in a short time. If you now want to add a traditional POS device to your application you need months of development time to add this device. But now with the help of the BasicCard POS is it possible to shorten this development down to 1-2 weeks. With this time advantage you save money and are also faster to market.You can use this terminal together with the BasicCard but it is also possible to add value to an existing application since BasicCard POS works also with common (ISO compatible) smartcards. The BasicCard POS (right view) is a standalone device that can be powered either by battery or with an external power s upply. Beside a large display it has a printer and a numerical keypad. Furthermore it has two large slots for ISO7816 compatible cards (ID-1 format) and a smaller one for a SIM card (ID-000 format). Optional BasicCard POS supplies an additional inputdevice with a display and a pinpad.

More technical details under www.basiccard.com/chip/basiccard_pos.htm


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