BasicCard Development Software

Load setup package below:

BasicCard Kit Setup Package V8.55 about 31 MB (2016-09-28)

Advanced Installation:

If one of the following conditions are true, you can use smaller Windows Installer Package below.

  • Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows Vista or Windows XP is installed on your computer

  • You have installed BasicCard API/OCX

  • You have installed any other software including Windows Installer

  • You have installed a previous version of BasicCard Development Software

This package contains same software as Setup Package above but requires Windows Installer to be installed on your computer.

BasicCard Kit Install Package as MSI File V8.55 about 32 MB (2016-09-28)

Note: If Windows Installer is installed on you computer you may install directly from our web site. Just open Start menu, Run. Then enter (case sensitive)
msiexec -i"
and press OK.

This page was last changed on: 2016-09-28