BasicCard API Download

BasicCard API/OCX can be used from C/C++, Delphi or Visual Basic developers to access BasicCard from their Windows programs. It is no replacement for BasicCard Development Kit.

BasicCard API/OCX uses new Windows Installer technology for installation. If you have installed BasicCard Development Kit you can install API by use of the following file:

BasicCard API/OCX Install Package V4.36.0.0 about 3.5 MB (26/02/2003)
Netscape users please
download as ZIP file.

Programs using BasicCard API/OCX require some runtime files to be installed on computer running the program. To make it more simple to redistribute your programs to your customers, you may include following runtime installation with your program setup.

BasicCard API/OCX Runtime Setup V4.36.0.0 about 3.5 MB (26/02/2003)

This page was last changed on: 26/02/2003, 18:00 UTC

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