Built in smart card reader for PCs


Microsoft PC/SC compatible smart card reader/writer

PC/SC standard (PC/Smartcard) was developed to ensure compatibility between smart cards, smart card readers/writers and computers produced by different manufacturers.
This new technology integrating smart cards and PC’s was based on the current ISO 7816 standard and supports business-specific applications such as EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) and GSM (Global Standard for Mobile Communication). This new technology allows application developers to take advantage of the smart cards portability and hardware-based security, both critical factors for the development of secure applications.

PC/SC includes

  • Specifications for cryptographic functionality and secure storage
  • Programming interface for communication with smart card and PC/SC card reader device connected to a PC
  • High-level application interface, to make it easier to build Smartcard applications.


  • PC/SC compatible API interface for Microsoft
  • Drivers for Windows
  • Serial RS-232-C (V.24) interface or USB (only Win98/ME/2000/XP)
  • Status shown by LED
  • Supports the following smart cards:

    • T=0 (GSM, French Bank Card)
    • T=1 (Geldkarte Germany)

    Download newest PC/SC driver for CyberMouse from here

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