Products and Applications using BasicCard

The BasicCard development tools and the BasicCard itself are powerful tools for creating smart card aware applications. Anyway they are still tools and not ready to run solutions.
If you are in need of a special solution you should take a look into the following list of BasicCard customers and their solutions.

Smart Card Solutions and Development Tools for Windows and Linux

SnakeCard offers off-the-shelf solutions for corporations, schools, and the health industry as well as rapid-development toolkits.


Test Cards and BasicCard Development

SOLIATIS can provide test or debug cards useful for POS or Terminal validation on the field. According to customer's specification, SOLIATIS provides smart card application developed for BasicCard products.


Custom Specific BasicCard Development

ZeitControl has developed the BasicCard, but since we do not want to compete with our customers we do not offer development services ourself. Following companies offer development services for BasicCard solutions:

Third Party Tools and Hardware with BasicCard Support

Following tools and hardware products you may find useful for creating your BasicCard applications:

Basic Compiler for 8051 and AVR Microcontroller

BASCOM supports development of embedded systems using either AVR or 8051 compatible microcontroller. A separate library for BasicCard is available for AVR version of compiler.
By MCS Electronic.


POS Terminals

Point of sale terminal with examples for BasicCard.
Here you will find more

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